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Before the dugouts were built baseball, players who weren't in the game would sit on the grass near the field. then after the organizer started providing benches to players that give the players a spot to rest and not just lie on the lawn like a group of unruly ballplayers.

The term dugout refers to the region that is slightly below ground level, common in professional baseball. The simplified explanation of the cause of the position of the dugouts below the ground level is that it permitted spectators seated behind the dugouts to see the ground, especially the home plate area.

let's talk about how dugout helps players so far:

Dugouts were then set up to shield the players from foul balls and supporters. The players were best covered from errant foul balls struck by a hitter by being a little underground. Often, dugouts have built a divide between players and supporters. After this, spectators were so close to the game that they could quickly distract the game by shouting at the players, yelling threats, or tossing objects.

Dugouts provided safety to the players so the fans would not be allowed to communicate with the players.

In fact, going a little underground will allow fans more space to watch. The dugouts will not obstruct the view of the field level as well as a fully above the ground bench. It helped the stadiums to have more field-level luxury seats.

The dugouts, which were enclosed and had roofs, often shielded the players from the rain. The dugout will shelter the players safe from playing in the rain. In cold weather, players will have a crozier spot to relax rather than take account of the bad weather without any defence.

Hope this article will help you to understand why dugout are below ground.

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