Soccer Benches 

Baseballracks is a leading supplier of a wide variety of soccer benches. Our soccer benches provide plenty of room for playing teams, coaching staff and is perfect for high school teams, local soccer clubs, and inter-mural leagues. Our soccer benches are easy to carry and comfortable, durable, and aptly priced. We have benches available in different sizes and models ranging from small folding soccer benches to soccer field bleachers that offer a more permanent seating solution.


Our portable field benches are more than just an easy to carry bench. It allows you to create a team that is the perfect reflection of you. Investing in a well-built, comfortable portable soccer bench will enable you to balance playing time, keep parents happy, keep your players focused when they are not playing, and create a team focused philosophy amongst your players.


Different fields have different requirements, but few primary vital considerations while choosing soccer benches are as follows:

  • Size: The first thing you need to consider before making any purchase is the bench size. Our portable soccer benches are available from 4 to as high as 8 seating capacity, with 6 being the most common size.

  • Portability: For the fields without a bench, folding soccer benches is a must. We offer you one that is lightweight and easy to carry along with your other gears.

  • Easy to set up: Upon arriving on the ground or departing off, time plays a very crucial role, and you do not want to spend it on assembling or dismantling the benches. Hence, we offer all our soccer benches with cover, which requires zero assemblies.

  • Quality: Considering the different playing conditions, you need covered soccer benches that will last long, withstand the sun, rain, and be great value for years to come. All of our products are made, keeping in mind the highest quality materials.

  • Frame and Fabric: Our soccer bleachers come with steel frames. Steel is amazing when it comes to longevity. Steel makes these benches sturdy and safe. The fabric we utilize is very strong and durable.

  • Weight Limit: According to usage, we have benches designed to handle different weights, suitable for children and adults.

  • Seating material and comfort: Our benches are made of abrasion-resistant nylon or polyester. We take the utmost care to keep it most comfortable.


Give your players a great place to sit on the sidelines, with full comfort. Check out our new offerings.

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