Warranty & Care

Although we have taken many precautions to ensure our products are durable and semi weather  resistant, we cannot be liable for:  
 -Vandalism  -Damage by others  -Exposure to rain or snow  -Damage from  incorrect installation  -Damage from water, rain or snow due to openings or flaws in dugout enclosure  -Lack of maintenance.  Products should be frequently brushed off and wiped down with a damp cloth.  Products should be touched up with paint as needed and not neglected.  
Products that are fence mounted should be taken down and stored properly until the next season.  Products that are fence mounted should be installed so dugout roof does not shed water on to the products.   
 Products are furniture quality dugout furnishings and should be cared for and maintained as  such.   
 Product warranty one (1) year from date of delivery