A little about the owner

"Running a business is like coaching a team: You put them in a position where they excel and Instill confidence in their ability to do so." ~ Rob LeVan, President of Baseballracks.com


Baseballracks.com is the original exclusive manufacturer of the finest dugout products made.  The engineering, design, and fabrication process of our products are developed by the owner Robert LeVan. 
LeVan's engineering, design, and fabrication procedures for all of Baseballracks products come rather easy to him because of his previous 25 years when he was project manager for Chicago Heights Glass, Inc, one of the premier mid rise and high rise building envelope contractors in the United States.  With that, Every individual product have either been designed, incorporated or copyrighted by himself, Personally. 

Apart from that, Rob also adopts the philosophy that It is his sole responsibility that every member of staff and crew is the sole driving force of this endeavor. He has made it his mission to hire the most professional and capable members to his team and drive them for success. Whether its fabrication, application, packaging, shipping and receiving, graphics, managing and processing, accounting, scheduling or quality control, Rob LeVan does the utmost to ensure every clients order is handled with care by the most capable and ambitious.

Baseballracks.com will soon be expanding, moving to a larger facility because of our dedicated clientele and hardworking team. Our owner would like to thank you.

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