Material Manufacturing Description

Baseballracks products are all manufactured with the finest materials available.  

Our helmet racks, bat racks, helmet\bat combos, coaches furnishings are all manufactured with MDO or HDO. 

Medium density overlay panel, or MDO panel, is a paintable surface made of plywood with a weather-resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure. The overlay, which has at least 27% resin content, resists water, weather, wear and degradation. A similar product with a more rugged, smoother surface is called high density overlay (HDO) plywood.  Even though it is a much more costly product than our competitors are using our sales volume and the owner Rob LeVan's buying expertise and vast knowledge of building products allows us to purchase our building materials at wholesale prices that are not available to our competition.  

All joints on our products are caulked and tooled to provide seam free furniture quality look.  

All fasteners are countersunk coated fasteners that are filled and sanded for premium fastener free finish.  


Our entire dugout bench product line is fabricated using premium kiln dried construction timber.  This product allows a strong, twist and warp free, clean finished product.  All screws are filled and sanded to provide a fastener free look.   This product will allow paint to be applied at car like finish. The American Wood Council recommends pressure treated materials should be allowed to dry at least 8-12 months before painting or it will peel, chip, and fade which is why we select premium kiln-dried construction timber in lieu of pressure treated.


Our coatings department uses Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Urethane Alkyd Enamel high gloss intended for industrial environments which is performance comparable to silicone alkyds.