Baseball Benches

Baseballracks is a well-renowned supplier of a vast range of baseball benches, dugouts, and bleachers used by players, coaches, and spectators. We provide the best supplies for your college team and their fans. Our benches offer comfortable and organized seating for spectators and are available in various models, colors, and sizes while our baseball dugouts provide shelter to players and coaches.


Our baseball dugout benches section houses a wide variety of baseball benches and baseball bleachers to fulfill any field or school facility needs.  We offer baseball benches in a variety of materials, including high-quality teak wood, ecologically friendly recycled plastic, concrete, thermoplastic-coated metal, aluminum, and decorative cast iron frame benches. Our thermoplastic, aluminum and wooden portable baseball benches are designed to look great in any location and will stand up to the test of time. Portable mounting options will allow you to move these dugout benches wherever additional seating is needed. These benches have rounded edges for extra safety. Our supply ranged from Elite benches, Corsair benches, Rizzo benches, Wildcat benches, and Coaches' benches. One can choose out from a large variety of patterns, materials, and colors of these baseball benches.

baseball bleachers


We also supply baseball bleachers for any field or facility. These bleacher benches are ideal for schools, universities, and stadiums. Not only are these bleachers perfect for seating to watch tournaments, but they also give spectators a chance to mingle and socialize with one another. Our bleacher grandstands are designed with pride and built to last long. We offer a wide range of baseball field bleachers such as standard three rows, four rows, five rows, ten rows, and 15 rows baseball bleachers seats, elevated 5- and 10-row bleacher bench, transportable 5- and 10-row baseball field bleachers. 


Our bleachers' supplies are mainly of three types:-

•   Elevated bleachers – these have rows like standard bleachers, but the entire structure is raised for better viewing. Stairs, ramps, and guardrails are required.

•   Portable bleachers – these are bleachers that can be towed around a facility to accommodate different events and crowds.

•  Tip and Roll Bleachers– these are bleachers (usually small) that can be folded and then wheeled into storage.

Besides baseball seating options, we also carry other essential baseball field equipment including field covers, drag mats, and baseball backstop netting.


If you are wondering about the prices of bleachers, you have come to the right place. We have very competitive pricing. Contact us via our online form or phone for details.