Large Diameter Sign

Large Diameter Sign

  • 47" inch diameter sign for outfield distances 
  • Signs made with Quality vinyl prints and white aluminmum metal with a polypropylene core.
  • Commemoration designs available for additional fee
  • Coice of different fonts available
  • Customization options available for an additional fee


Baseballracks is a brand that tries to create something new and creative to make things beautiful and attractive. They say, "all the most beautiful things are round-shaped," and our diameters are no exception. We call our diameters beauty spots of the field. These signs are for various purposes and requirements, making the field look dynamic and attractive while serving their primary purpose of providing field instructions/warnings/markings and many more.


We are a leading provider of outfield distance sign which comes in different shapes and sizes. We provide horizontal distance marker and vertical distance marker. These are available in metal, Vinyl, and windscreen.


Our large diameter sign is a 47" inch diameter sign, commonly used for outfield distances. This sign is made up of quality Vinyl prints utilizing white aluminum metal with a polypropylene core. You can have this sign in different font sizes. It comes with predrilled holes for easy hanging. Commemoration designs are also available for an additional fee. You can choose any color combination for the background and numbers.


If you are a high school baseball or softball institution or collegiate baseball, our large diameter sign becomes a must-buy product. Be its background color, numbers color, font choice, and distances for your signs, you can have it in the color of your choice. Rockwell Extra Bold is most popular by far. Custom size signs are available. Call for a quote and any other query, and we will be happy to serve you. Check out our online web store to know more about our offerings.