Yankee Clipper Helmet/Bat Combo

Yankee Clipper Helmet/Bat Combo

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  • Helmet and bat rack combo set
  • 18 helmet rack and bat rack capable oh holding 40+ Baseball Bats
  • two tone color option available
  • Logo personalization available
  • Metal-Guard face option available for extra Protection at an additional price
  • (69"H x 65"W x 23-3/4"D) 



Yankee Clipper Helmet/Bat Combo is an ideal solution to keep your team’s baseball and softball equipment organized. We offer a multitude of baseball and softball equipment storage solutions utilizing space-optimized designs. Also, custom sizes and configurations are available to fulfill to your requirements.


Yankee Clipper also offers space for customized Player Name Cards for your team, enabling team coach/manager to assign each player a specific compartment to provide maximum organization and discipline.


This rack is available in preassembled Wooden, Steel, Iron, as well as all-weather aluminum styles. Also, this is available in stand-up and wall-mounted styles.


Product Features:


  • This combo is manufactured to accommodate 18 helmet rack and bat rack and is capable of holding 40+ Baseball Bats.
  • The rack comes with a two-tone color option.
  • It comes in 69"H x 65"W x 23-3/4"D dimension.
  • The option of Logo personalization is also available.
  • The metal-Guard face option is also available for extra protection at an additional price.
  • No assembly required.


Considering space availability nowadays, our design team has created this product, which makes it an ideal fit. It is a low-maintenance product having long durability, easy to shift, easy to clean, and provides full value for your money.


This product can withstand all extreme weather conditions and comes with a lifetime warranty. Purchase Yankee Clipper today and see how easy it is to arrange your baseball equipment.